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GET /api/notarization/:id

Request notarization data of given id.


The body of the request must be a JSON object with the following fields:

idNotarization id inserted as query paramYes


The GET request return an object containing the follow properties:

datenumberCreation timestamp (ms)
descriptionstringDescription inserted from request, private storage
notesstringAdditional note for creator
externalUrlstringDocument url if inserted
hashstringDocument hash
ipfsUristringDocument url if loaded on IPFS
namestringNotarization name inserted from request
ownerAddressstringWorskpace owner's address
senderAddressstringWallet address of who sent the notarization
signaturestringSigned hash
tagsstring[]Tags inserted
receiptobjectBlockchain receipt's data

In detail , the receipt property is composed by this fields:

datenumberCreation timestamp (ms)
merkleRootstringMerkle root of all bundled notarizations
merkleTreeURIstringURI where notarizations merkle tree are stored
statusstringNotarization status
txobjectBlockchain related data

The tx object is composed by:

blockHashstringBlock hash of transaction on blockchain
blockNumernumberNumber of blockchain block
fromstringAddress of Bcode sender waller
tostringNotarizarion contract's address
transactionHashstringHash of transaction


const axios = require('axios');

const endpoint =
const authToken = '<your-jwt>'

const id = "1f6d7218-dae5-4941-8391-8a1c9a8184b3"

let response = await
        headers: {
            Authorization : `${authToken}`