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POST /notarize

Request notarization of given hash, return requestId of queued request. Tha hash must be a SHA256 type with 0x prefix.


The body of the request must be a JSON object with the following fields:

hashstringHash of document to notarizeYes
webhookUrlstringHash of document to notarizeNo
metadataobjectObject with metadata fieldsNo
verboseboolVerbose response on webhookNo


The POST request return an object containing the follow properties:

requestIdstringId of notarization requeste, usefull to request status
statusstringStatus of
errorstringObject with metadata fields


const axios = require('axios');

const endpoint =
const authToken = '<your-token>'

const optionals = {
    webhookUrl: "",
    metadata: {},
    verbose: true,

const hash = "0xb133a0c0e9bee3be20163d2ad31d6248db292aa6dcb1ee087a2aa50e0fc75ae2"

let { status, data } = await
    {   hash, ...optionals  },
        headers: {
            Authorization : `Bearer ${authToken}`

const requestId = data.requestId